6 years ago
#635 Quote

If you have turned on the Advanced Camera Extension, and instead of seeing a camera image, you are seeing a message that says "No Camera Found" there are a couple of things you should try.

1. Plug the LASR Advanced Camera into a USB port on your computer. Not a USB hub or USB extension*

2. Try a different USB port on your computer. Some ports are more directly connected to your computer's motherboard than others, and will work better.

The LASR Advanced Camera is the ONLY camera compatible with the LASR Advanced Camera Extension. This is covered on the product pages for the camera and extension. No other camera is compatible or supported.

*USB hubs and USB extension cables might work with the LASR Advanced Camera, or they might not. This is going to depend on the make/model/quality of USB cable or hub you are using, and even which mode of the extension you are using.