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International shipping is available for all products, and the normal email delivery will be used for software products, as covered here.

International shipments of hardware may require up to five extra business days of processing before they can be sent out. You will receive a tracking/customs number with your order. Depending on where the package is being shipped, this number may give you tracking information. Even if it doesn't, we recommend you hold onto it just in case something goes wrong with your shipment.

We do not provide any estimates or guarantees on the length of shipping times for international orders. This is completely beyond our control. Expect anything from a few days to a few months depending on your destination.


For any international orders containing hardware, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the products ordered are permissible through their country's shipping, import/export, customs and other regulations or laws.

- If the package is returned to us, we will refund the contents of the package, minus shipping expenses.
- If the package is lost completely, we assume NO liability.
- Any second attempts to send international orders that have been returned to us is at the customer's expense.
- In case of a return or exchange within our 30 day policy, we do not cover return shipping for international orders.
- Some manufacturer warranties may not apply to products in your area. Check with the hardware manufacturer's warranty for more information.
- We do not provide support in any languages other than english.

Relevant things you may need to know:

All laser training devices are simply labelled as "Laser Pointer" on customs forms. Other items have similarly generic names such as "Metal Shim" (Laser Ammo adapters), "Plastic weight" (SIRT spare magazines), "Cardboard Cutout" (Targets). You get the idea. 

SIRT Pistol lasers are Class IIIa, Laser Ammo is Class 3R.

LASR is not ITAR controlled. We are not sure about any hardware products.

Customs forms only show the contents of the package, not the contents of the order, so software is not reported on customs forms. We do not alter the value of products listed on shipping labels.

We do not have any specific information about any particular destinations.