2 years ago
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Please note that LASR X has absolutely no control over this, it doesn't talk directly to your camera, only the browser does that.

  1. If you are on a laptop, please check this topic

  2. Regardless of device, please ensure that camera permissions are enabled for the browser. You may need to google how to do this for your device and operating system.

  3. LASR X will automatically ask for camera permissions from the browser if it does not already have them, which you must click "allow" on to enable. You may have to re-enable this manually in settings if you clicked "don't allow" or "never allow", as your browser may not allow LASR X to ask again.

  4. In Apple's infinite wisdom, web apps launched from a home screen icon cannot access the camera on iOS. This is not an issue with any other operating system. You will need to use the bookmarks bar or some other means to access LASR X on iOS devices. 

  5. You can click on the "refresh camera list" button to check for new or missing cameras.

  6. I can't believe we have to say this, but there is no way to use webcams with tablets or phones running iOS or android. You will be limited to the built-in cameras on those devices. If you are wanting to use external webcams, you will need to use a computer.

  7. Check the master compatiblity table to ensure that your device and browser are capable of running LASR X.

Please remember that you can always switch to a different device if one is not working well.