Laser Activated Shot Reporter

" I have this setup in my classroom too - terrific training... So cool I got a second gun to do duels and shooting comps. "

Jim - LASR User
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How It Works

LASR runs on your computer, and uses any webcam to watch any targets for laser impacts from any laser training aid.

When LASR detects impacts, it instantly reports the hit with an audible tone, the exact location, and, using the fully integrated shot timer, tells you exactly when you hit.

LASR is great for all types of shooting goals


Multiple targets, a fully-integrated shot timer, online training and matches, and much more are included in LASR to help you be ready for your next match.

Wether you want to just run quick training or do complete classifiers, LASR can more than meet your needs!

Concealed Carry

Practice in your own home to improve you speed and accuraccy out of the holster. You can test yourself with different methods, clothing, positions and more.

LASR can help you see your improvment, or spot areas that need some work, while helping to keep you honest about your performance.


Get students prepared for the live range and practice new skills in a safe environment. See real-time diagnostics on trigger control, keep records of student's performance, or have multiple shooters, up to 20, at the same time.

LASR is a great tool for instructors and students at any skill level and for any training goal.

LE and Mil

Create and distribute training routines either online or in private to help our problem shooters, setup mini scenarios in real-world environments, or setup a 24 hour training area in the office.

Get new hands up to speed and keep your veterans sharp, LASR has a wide variety of features and modes to help you be mission ready!

Great reveiws from the big guys...

Approved by the Training Division of the National Rifle Association

...and thousands of happy users!

" LASR is a great program for dry fire practice at home. I have it and use it. Highly recommended! "

Joe - LASR User

" ... this product will save you money over a short period of time... We enjoy LASR and recommend this software to anyone interested in improving there shooting accuracy. "

Roger - LASR User

" I find myself spending more time practicing because of the speed, customizationtion and convenience. This is a great product which I highly recommend. "

Tobin - LASR User

Online Training

The LASR Software includes a FREE online service, the LASR Community, with a variety of pre-made downloadable drills.

Everything from distance-learning style courses to law enforcement qualifications, online competitions, crossfit-style shooting and fitness mash-ups, daily practice routines, and much more!

More features than any other tool of it's type

Use ANY Hardware
Any laser trainer, any webcam, any targets
Easy to Use
Easy to learn with built-in instructions
Shot Timer
Fully featured and integrated shot timer
Remote Controls
Designate remote control targets to restart the drill and more
Save and Load Presets
Create, save, restore an infinite number of presets
Multiple Targets
Up to 20 target zones and up to 20 miss/no-shoot zones
Rapid Shooting
LASR has no issues keeping up with resetting trigger devices
Visual and Audio Settings
From start signals to shot tones, customize to your liking
Shot Diagnostics
Map out movement during the shot to show issues with trigger control
Multiple Shooters
Up to 20 different shooters can shoot simultaneously or race against each others
Reload Mode
Have the software call for reloads and/or malfunction drills
Target Down
Simulate failure to stop drills or enforce a round limit or goal
Call Targets
Randomly call out different targets to shoot, you can even customize the names
Save and Review
Save your results to spot areas that need improvment
Free Updates
All software updates are free and automatic
Free Support
We're always available if you need some help
And More!
LASR is well established, and this feature list is only the highlights

LASR is built for shooters, by shooters

Recoil and Infrared

While regular webcams work fine for regular laser training devices, we offer the LASR Advanced Camera for those who want to use LASR with infrared and recoil devices.

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Dedicated Setup

For those who don't have a compatible computer, or who want a dedicated and portable setup. The LASR Station is the all-in-one setup that we offer.

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Even More Functionality

From more complex target setups to automatic scoring and slow-motion video of the shooter, plugins are available for LASR that offer even more functionality.

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