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Advanced Options for LASR

"Stay sharp between range sessions, practice things you can't do at the range."

  • Your Computer
  • Any Laser Trainer
  • Any Webcam
  • Any Targets

LASR Software: $120.00

Build My Kit

Use the "Build My Kit" tool to get started!

LASR Plugin Bundle

Additional functionality for the LASR Software
All five LASR Plugins in one convenient bundle
Instant Email Delivery
(No Shipping Required)
Free support and updates


LASR X Networking Lifetime License

A LASR X Lifetime license that comes already upgraded for networking on multiple devices.

Infrared Camera

Don't like visible lasers? Use Infrared!

LASR Advanced Camera (Infrared and Recoil Compatible)

Versatile camera for advanced compatibility for LASR
Works with any infrared laser devices
Works with any recoil laser devices
Works with normal visible lasers
Free support and updates


Lenses for the LASR Advanced Camera

These optional/additional lenses allow you to customize and optimize the LASR Advanced Camera for your setup.
From $12.00