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Other Cool Stuff

Live Fire Drill Cards

This Training Log has everything you need to get started if you are just beginning to learn to shoot or have developed advanced skills. Includes all 45 fun and popular drills.

IWB Holsters

Quality holsters for use with the SIRT Pocket Pistol for practicing from concealment.
From $55.00

LASR T-Shirt

Pick up a cool shirt to show off your dedication to training!!

OWB Holsters

Quality holsters for use with SIRT pistols or your real firearms.
From $60.00

Slide Catch Interrupter

Great for dry-fire practice with or without LASR.
From $5.00

Double Magazine Pouch

Quality belt-mounted magazine pouch for use with SIRT training magazines or your real magazines.

LASR "4 Rules" Sticker

A larger sticker featuring the four rules of firearms safety.

LASR "Warning" Sticker

What can we say? It's a fake warning sticker.

LASR Patch

Show off your dedication to training with this wicked awesome patch!

LASR Stylus Pen

Be the master of all things touchscreen with this sexy pen.

LASR Safety/Shooting Glasses

Get yourself some LASR-branded eye protection!