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Note: ALL relevant hardware products show a live inventory status on the product page and in the "Build My Kit" tool.


Split shipments

If there are any backordered items in your order, then you will have the opportunity to select split shipment options at checkout (they cost extra). There are a couple of notes on this:

- If your order puts an item into backordered status (i.e. you ordered 4 of something and there was only 3 in stock) You won't be shown split shipment options. The system just isn't that smart.

- If your order contains only backordered items, you will be still be shown split shipping options. I wouldn't bother paying extra for them if I were you in this case.

- Split shipping assumes only two shipments in total. Breaking it down more than that will require additional charges.

- If your order does not contain any backordered items, then you aren't shown split shipping options.

If your order is backordered, in part or in whole, you will be notified via email. 

If you would like to upgrade your order with split shipping, please contact us. You may also elect to cancel the backordered items on your shipment.