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"What is your return policy?"

6 years ago
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  Lifetime Support
No hassle, no fees. Just fast and effective support.

For software that we make,
Including the LASR software, Plugins, and Extensions, we offer FREE support for the lifetime of the products in the rare cases it is needed. Of course, our standard 30-day policy also applies to returns of these items.

You can cancel a subscription anytime. No charges, no tricks. Just log in to LASR X, open the settings menu, and tap on manage account. 

For hardware that we make,
Such as the LASR Advanced Camera, we offer a one-year warranty with full replacement and FREE support for the lifetime of the products. Of course, our standard 30-day policy also applies to returns on these items.

For hardware that we retail, 
Such as SIRT pistols, we offer our standard 30-day return/replacement policy. If it has been more than 30 days since the delivery of third-party items, you will want to utilize the manufacturer's warranty for repair/replacement. 

To get more information on manufacturer's warranties, please click here.

These policies do not cover unsupported usage, intentional damage, gross negligence or abuse, catastrophic events (i.e., fires, flooding, car accidents), or lost/stolen items. These policies only apply to the items directly, not any other property damage, personal injury, or other secondary expenses or losses.


6 years ago
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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
(From date of delivery)

First off, we’d like to mention that returns are extremely rare and are almost always due to people not reading or understanding basic product information or even what a product is and what it is capable of. We take great care to ensure that all products are thoroughly and accurately described.

Return & Replacement

Example: If your item breaks during or shortly after shipping or we send you the wrong item.

A pre-paid return shipping label is offered upon request for domestic addresses. Please note that we reserve the right to wait until we receive the returned item before dispatching the replacement item. Shipping for the replacement item is at no charge to the customer.

Return & Refund

Example: Items were as listed, but you change your mind, aren't happy with your item, or didn't read product descriptions.

Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Original shipping charges (if there were any) cannot be refunded. Software returns will require your cooperation to ensure the software has been completely removed from your machine. No refund is issued unless and until all items have been returned to us. 

Items that are damaged, missing components or packaging, or otherwise cannot be resold at full price may incur a restocking fee. Special return circumstances (such as a customer abusing our return policy) may also incur restocking fees.

Return & Exchange

Example: You decide you want something different.

Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Once the returned item is received, we will issue credit for the full purchase price of the returned item. Original shipping charges (if there were any) cannot be refunded.

International Orders

Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer in all cases. Original shipping charges are not refunded in any case. Read more about our international order policy here.

If you would like to return something, please contact us by clicking here.