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SIRT 107 Pistol (M&P)

A complete replacement training pistol, built to exacting standards to closely replicate an M&P.
Manufacturer: NextLevel Training
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The SIRT 107 training pistol is a dedicated laser training device that mimics a full-size M&P. It provides an auto-resetting, fully-adjustable trigger, a trigger take-up and a shot indicating laser, and a removable and weighted training magazine. You can customize your SIRT pistol by changing out the sights, mag release, and backstrap. The rail is fully functional, and the magazine release can be swapped out for left or right-handed shooters.

Adjustable Resetting Trigger

The SIRT’s Adjustable Auto-resetting Trigger allows for multiple strings of fire during training without racking the slide, encouraging more repetitions per training session. The SIRT 107 includes a completely new trigger design, which is easier to adjust, and better mimics an M&P.

The trigger can be adjusted by the following parameters:

  • Initial Trigger Location
  • Trigger Overtravel Location
  • Trigger Break Location
  • Trigger Take-up Force
  • Trigger Break Force
  • Degree of Sear Engagement

Weighted Training Magazine

The mags are fully weighted, have a rubberized base plate for durability in training, and can be opened up for the adding or removal of weights. Additional spare magazines can be found here.

Shot Indicating Laser

The primary laser indicates where the shot landed, and is adjustable for windage and elevation. The R/G model offers a green shot indicating laser, which is brighter and more easily seen over greater distances or in outdoor conditions, and the R/R model offers a red shot indicating laser.

Take-up Laser (with on/off switch)

The red take-up laser lights up as soon as the slack is taken out of the trigger. This allows for training new shooters and for more feedback in force-on-force applications, but is not used for the majority of training. A convienient on/off switch allows you to toggle this second laser on or off. 

The take-up laser is not normally used, at all, with the LASR software, but, if the lasers are different colors (as with the R/G model) the software can be told to distinguish between the two, and do different things for different laser colors, including to ignore an off-color take-up laser, or mark green and red lasers as different shooters.

Customize your SIRT

The SIRT pistol features interchangeable sights, backstrap, and mag release, allowing you to use any mag release , backstrap, or sights made for a full size M&P. The magazine release can be used aambidextrously.

Fully Functional Rail

Mount your tac light or other devices directly onto our SIRT Training Pistol rail, just as you would on your live fire pistol.

Long Battery Life

All SIRT devices utilize a CR123 battery which offers an exceptionally long-life, often lasting years without replacement, even with heavy usage.

Realistic Weight 

Both models of the SIRT 107 come with a metal slide and are very approximate to the weight of a live-fire pistol, with ammo.

SIRT 107 Pro R/G (M&P)
Green shot laser -- Metal slide -- Realistic Weight
Availability: 4 in stock
SIRT 107 Pro R/R (M&P)
Red shot laser -- Metal slide -- Realistic Weight
Availability: 2 in stock