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Improve and adapt your rifle training with the new SIRT STIC: A fully integrated rifle training platform.
Manufacturer: NextLevel Training
Availability: Out of stock

The SIRT Tactical Integrated Carrier or STIC is the newest revolution in laser dry fire training. The STIC, like its name, says, is a fully integrated rifle platform designed to look and feel like an AR-15. By placing your SIRT 110 into the provided slot, you're able to turn it into a laser system for rifle training.

You can customize the SIRT STIC with your own optic, sling, and rifle length. With the SIRT STIC, you can practice mag changes, sling manipulation, trigger control, safety usage, and much more! 



  • Mount system for SIRT 110
  • Fully Functioning Safety
  • Extending Stock
  • Rail Mounting for optics and attachments
  • Sling Connections on Stock and Buffer Tube
  • Barrel Length adjustment
  • Pressure-Fit Magazine Well