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Slide Catch Interrupter

Great for dry-fire practice with or without LASR.
Manufacturer: Shooter Technology Group
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This is intended to allow you to rack your slide with an empty magazine without having the slide auto-lock to the rear. It is great for dry-fire practice with or without LASR and pairs very well with the Laser Ammo inserts for your semi-auto handgun.

Slide Catch Interrupters prevent your slide from auto-locking to the rear when you have a magazine inserted during dry-fire practice. This is accomplished by preventing the magazine follower from activating the slide catch.

Slide Catch Interrupter 9mm - 3 Pack
Availability: Out of stock
Slide Catch Interrupter .40 S&W - 3 Pack
Availability: 4 in stock
Slide Catch Interrupter 45 ACP - 3 Pack
Availability: Out of stock