5 years ago
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What is happening?

As of LASR 4.1, we are no longer supporting Windows Vista.

Why is this happening?

Microsoft is slowly phasing Windows Vista out and if we (LASR Team) want to continue to use their latest frameworks, we will have to cease support for Vista as well.

What do I need to do?

We recommend you upgrade your computer to Windows 7 or newer.

What if I don't want to upgrade Windows?

You should NOT upgrade from LASR 4.0 to LASR 4.1. LASR 4.1 will not work on Windows Vista. Additionally, if you ever need to re-download LASR for any reason (computer crash, repair, etc), you will not be able to download version 4.0 again. Basically, you will be stuck with what you have installed if you do not upgrade Windows.