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Walkthrough of running an Exercise on the LASR Community

5 years ago
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Exercises are pre-packaged courses of fire made by other LASR Users for you to download and shoot. The Exercise format is extremely flexible and can be used for just about anything. Here are some examples of exercise types that already exist:

- LE Qualifications
- Competitions
- Official Classifier Stages
- Workouts to help you fine-tune skills
- Instructional courses-of-fire to teach you new techniques
- Cross-fit style shooting and workout mash-ups
- Courses of fire for instructors to use in the classroom 

And more, as, again, the format allows for just about anything you can imagine.

All content in the LASR Community is made by other LASR Users, so it can vary pretty widely. If you come across an exercise you don't care for, then give a different one a try!

Your settings will be completely locked down when you're inside of an exercise, so there are a few things that you'll want to check before you start. 

  • Camera settings, including selected device and resolution

  • Timesheet font size

Once you have those set, you can click on the LASR Community button up in the top right. 

If you aren't currently logged into a LASR Community account, you'll be asked to do so now. If you don't have an account, there is a link to create one on this page. 

You're now on the Browse Exercises page.

From here, you can see a list of all available exercises, or search/filter your results using the options on the left.

While looking through the list of exercises, be sure to pay attention to the intended use and requirements under the exercise's thumbnail. Once you've found an exercise that you'd like to try, click the "Run This Exercise" button.

If the exercise has any printable targets, you'll be shown this dialog window. If you haven't already printed out the targets for this exercise, you'll want to click "Yes" on this dialog, and print out the PDF that opens.

After that dialog window goes away, you'll be shown the setup instructions for the exercise. These include details on how to set up your targets, shooting positions, and anything else that needs to be in place before you start shooting. If there are any written instructions, they'll appear over on the left, while the optional video may appear on the right. Also on the right is a picture showing you how your physical targets should be lined up in accordance to your target zones.

Once you have everything set up and you're ready to start shooting, you can click on the "Begin Exercise" button at the bottom of the window.

5 years ago
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After hitting "Begin Exercise", you'll be brought back to the main LASR window, but you'll now be in exercise mode. While in exercise mode, you won't be able to adjust any options other than camera zoom and pan, so most buttons will be grayed-out to emphasize that. For now, all you need to worry about is lining up your target zones to your physical targets, since those will most likely not be in the correct positions. Once everything looks good, you can lock your target zones. If at any time you'd like to quit the exercise and head back to regular-old LASR, you can click the "Stop Exercise" button in the bottom right of the screen.

After the locking process finishes, you'll notice that the trio of buttons in the bottom right are now all enabled. From left to right, these are:
-Start the next drill. If you're still waiting to start the first drill of the exercise, this will do that for you. Otherwise, it will move you on to the next drill. If there are any drill instructions or a drill video for the drill that is about the start, you'll get a chance to look at those first. NOTE: once you've started a drill, this button will be disabled until you have one good hit on any of your targets (backdrop zones not included).
-Restart the current drill. This will drop any results for the current drill, show you the drill instructions/video for the current drill if there are any, then restart the current drill.
-Exit exercise mode. This will kick you out of exercise mode back into regular LASR. Your results will not be saved if you exit the exercise prematurely.
Once you're ready to start the first drill, go ahead and click the "Start the next drill" button.

If the drill you just started has any drill instructions or a video, you'll be shown those before you start. When you're ready, hit the "Start Now" button to start.

When you're finished with the current drill, just hit the "Start the next drill" button to move on to the next one. Keep going through this process until you run out of drills.

Once you click the "Start the next drill" button on the final drill of the exercise, you'll be brought to the results page. From here, you can see all of the timesheets and hits/misses from each drill, as well as cumulative results, options for sharing your results to various social media sites, various display settings, and more. If you haven't reached this page yet, take some time to look around, as there is a lot of useful information.

Congratulations! You've run an exercise. If you're happy with your results, head to the "My Content" page to publish your results so that others may view and vote on them. Otherwise, roam free through the Community and start racking up those Shooter Points by running other exercises and completing other activities!