4 years ago
#1585 Quote

"Where do I see and change my account settings?"
In the bottom-right corner of the page, look for your name. Click on that. If you want to change your settings, click on the "Change your account settings" button.

"What account settings might I want to change?"
Your username will be the same as your email before the "@" symbol, so you may want to change that. Other users do see your username on your content.

Your profile image will be the default image unless you change it. Other users do see your profile image on your content.

Your email notification settings are another thing you may want to change. You can turn on or off getting emails for notifications (such as someone voting on your stuff) as well as your email reminders. These are sent whenever you have not completed an exercise for the given number of days, to help remind you to do some dry-fire practice. They are turned on by default.

"Is my Community account used for anything else?"
No, it is only for the LASR Community. It is not linked to your store account, license or anything else.

"Can I have multiple accounts for family members/collegues/etc?"
Yes, however many you like.

"Can I use one account on multiple devices running LASR?"
Yes, however many you like.

"Do I have to log in every time?"
Not unless you log off. LASR will remember you. If you are on a shared device, you will want to remember to log off when you are finished.