4 years ago
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Short answer: That is not a supported use.
(in other words, do not expect it to work or expect any help)

The long answer is that many of our users have been able to successfully accomplish this, by ensuring even lighting during the entire course of travel of the targets.

LASR works by detecting light, moving targets produce a lot of changing light. We are sure you can put two and two together here.

LASR is not built for this use at all, so it will not take a snapshot of the screen, or otherwise provide practical feedback, etc, so it is not really a practical use, even if you do get it working.

The other questions is "What sort of moving target are you wanting to use?". There really are no practical solutions for indoor moving target systems that are anywhere in the price range of LASR.

If moving targets are a requirement for you, the only semi-practical way of accomplishing this is projector based systems.