3 years ago
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You can cancel a subscription anytime. No charges, no tricks. 

Just log in to LASR X, open the settings menu (top left when in "setup mode"), tap on "My Account" and then "Manage Account". From the account management page, you can make any number of changes to your account, including suspending your LASR X plan.

You can upgrade a subscription anytime as well. 

For instance, going from monthly to yearly, or yearly to lifetime. This does have limitations, such as no pro-rating and you cannot downgrade.

You can also add additional devices to any plan, saving you the trouble of doing the "new device" proceedure when switching between your phone and your computer, or allowing a family member to use your account. Haveing at least two devices on your account enables multi-device networking for multi-directional and multi-room setups.

If you wish to reactivate a cancelled subscription, please log in and update your payment information in the same area.