3 years ago
#1738 Quote
LASR X is not being allowed to load correctly. Please check on the following:

  1. Most often, we have found this to be the result of network level security or faults, especially with public or government wifi. Please try using a different network, such as tethering data from your phone, to see if this is the issue.

  2. Ensure the device is up to date. Check this link to see if your device is too old or otherwise not supported.

  3. Please remove or deactivate any unusual or third party anti virus, add blocker, etc from your device and browser.

  4. Please ensure that LASR X, and the browser you are using, is being given camera permissions. 

If you have investigated all of the above and the issue persists, or you need additional help with anything above, please contact us.


Of course, you can also just use a different device. Although this will not resolve the issue if it is #1 above.