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"How do I set up a course/stage/drill like ______?" for LASR Classic

6 years ago
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Our question to you is "How would you do it at the range?"

LASR is not scenario based. It does not pigeonhole you into a video game script. You set up your targets how you want, enable what modes you want, and run your drills!

If you want to run an el-pres, then set up three targets, highlight them, probably use random start timer mode, and get to practicing. If you want to do some barricade work, then set up your targets and your barricade, choose which modes you want, and get to training!

You certainly can use some modes and features to build "scenarios" but, again, not a video game, so it isn't going to force you into a script. It doesn't tell you what to do, you tell it what you want it to do, in order to enable you to complete your training objectives. For instance:

- If you want to practice emergency reloads or immediate action, turn on reload mode, set it up how you want (i.e. your "mag capacity") and shoot away.
- If you want to watch for weaknesses in trigger control, then turn on diagnostic mode.
- If you want your targets to be randomized, switch to call targets mode.
- If you want to get into or out of the habit of a certain number of rounds per target, then turn on target down mode.

A few things we also like:

- Use call targets mode to randomize more than just targets: have each target have a corresponding location it should be shot from in the room or on a barricade. Really helps to work on your movement mechanics.

- You can also repurpose some modes to accomplish additional things, such as using reload mode to limit the number of rounds in a course of fire.

Feel free to ask (here on the forums) how we might set up a particular drill, but there is hardly a wrong way to do it. If you want some inspiration and more, check out our Dryfire Tips video series.

5 years ago
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There is also a wide variety of pre-made courses-of-fire in the LASR Community!

Click on the globe button in the top right of the main LASR window to access the Community. It is free and highly versatile.