2 years ago
#1750 Quote

The login system for LASR X works like any other login system on the internet. It utilizes a small code that your browser is (supposed to) keep stored so that your device and browser is recognized. This peice of information is called a "cookie"

So if you are having to re-login and/or re-authorized your device every time, your browser is not keeping that cookie. Check your browser and device's security and privacy settings to ensure cookies are allowed and not dumped when you open and close your browser. 

Here are _some_ things that can prevent LASR X from recognizing you as a returning user.

  1. Private browsing or incognito mode

  2. Device or network firewall settings

  3. Network level security

  4. Third party anti-virus, security, or privacy software

  5. Third party anti-virus, security, or privacy browser extensions

  6. Clearing browsing history, automatically or manually