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General Usage Questions for LASR Classic

6 years ago
#103 Quote

Please reference the Online Tutorial, accessible at the link below:

This tutorial is also accessible from:
• The website
• The LASR Purchase page in our online shop
• LASR Product Emails
• LASR Store Emails

And from within the program by clicking on the "?" menu, and is shown as such twice in the quickstart video and has a hint that points to it.

It is accessible to anyone who wants, and runs in most browsers.
(Table of contents does not work correctly in I.E.)

4 years ago
#1715 Quote

If you would like an offline copy of the tutorial, please contact us. Please note that a printed version is not possible (you cannot print animations.)

If you find any issues with the tutorial, from typos to things not explained clearly, please let us know. We go to great lengths to keep that tutorial as up-to-date as possible.