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Exercise Creation Guide/Tips

5 years ago
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Exercises are complete courses of fire for use with the LASR Software that can be packaged up, uploaded to the LASR Community, and then downloaded and run by other users.

Like several features within the LASR Community, this feature must be unlocked with shooter points (which are points you recieve for participating in the LASR Community) to be used. This means that by the time you are creating your first exercise, you have likely already run several exercises made by other users and are familiar with how they work, and what makes a good exercises and a not-so-good one. Along with this guide, there is also plenty of help text in the exercise creator itself to help you figure things out.

The exercise format has a set structure that is very flexible. You can use this structure to accomplish nearly any course of fire imaginable.


(A) Web preview info
This information is not part of the exercise itself, but is instead used to give users a preview of what your exercise is about before running it


Preview Description

Preview Thumbnail

Search Tags
These are additional keywords that you want users to be able to use in the search to find your exercise

Special Tags
This is used to alert users to special requirements or equipment needed for the exercise. Click here for a list of what we consider to be special equipment.

Firearms Tags
Firearm Types: ("OR" means that a course of fire can use X or Y, but does not require both. "AND" means that a drill uses both X and Y, requiring both for the course of fire)
Resetting Trigger: (This is whether or not the course of fire requires an auto-resetting trigger. If it does not, then it can by fired by those who have to reset their firearm after every shot)


(B) Setup

Setup Instructions
How to actually set up the physical shooting area, i.e. targets and other props, how much space will be needed, etc. This accepts HTML and CSS, so you can add images and format text in this block. Images must be hosted elsewhere on the internet.

Setup Video URL
An optional Youtube or Vimeo link for a video to help show or explain how to set up the exercise.

Master Setup
This drop-down contains the saved setups that you have within LASR. You can find more information on these below. This handles the software setup for running the exercise, including initial target zones. This contains a preview image of what the targets and target zones look like once they're set up.

Printable Targets
A PDF for printing targets that you have saved on your local machine. More information here.

5 years ago
#1208 Quote


(C) Drills
There can be as many or as few drills as you like. All exercises must have at least one drill.

(C1) You can navigate between, add, or remove drills using the Drill List. Click on drills in the list and they will be displayed on the left.

(C2) Each Drill consists of:

Drill Instructions 
These are the actual firing instructions for this drill, how to shoot it

Drill Video URL 
You can add an optional video to help explain/show how to shoot the course of fire. Youtube and Vimeo URLs are currently supported

Drill Settings 
These come from your saved setups within LASR. More information on this is below.


(D) Finish and Test
This will save and upload your exercise, as it currently exists, to the community, and also start the exercise as if you had just downloaded it.

If you close the creator without clicking this, your changes will not be saved and will be gone forever.

5 years ago
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More help

Where do the setups for "Master Setup" and "Drill Settings" come from? What do these mean?

Where does the preview image of the targets/target zone setup come from?

Can I use special purpose targets with Exercises?

Can I use plugins when creating exercises?

How do I make PDFs of printable targets?

How do I make an Exercise with only voice commands, and no written instructions?

How can I add images or do other cool things with the descriptions?

What is considered "Special Equipment or Requirements" for running an exercise?

My exercise is still a work in progress, how can I keep people from running it?

I don't have the rank to create multiple exercises. Is there a way I can change out my current one for a new one?

5 years ago
#1295 Quote

Great program - I reached the rank 2155 in the LASR community so I can create drills.


I made a drill but after I entered in all the info, the drill won't upload when I click "Finish and Test". Error box states I don't have the rank required to make drills. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but any help would be great.


Thanks again for such a great training program - you guys rock.

5 years ago
#1296 Quote

Have you tried restarting LASR since you unlocked the rank?

5 years ago
#1299 Quote

I will try restarting... and it didn't change anything.

With that said, I did forward some screen pics of my drill and the error that comes up when I click "Finish and Test" (states I don't have the right rank even though I have 2155 = senior creator status). 

I do understand that its the beta version, so hopefully reporting this will help.


5 years ago
#1300 Quote

Yeah, something is definetly broken there, thanks for the heads up. We'll be looking into it and see what we can figure out.

5 years ago
#1302 Quote

Now that I think about it, as a junior creator I couldn't create a drill but didn't think much of it because I thought I wasnt filling in something correctly (master drill reference). Thanks for the help.

5 years ago
#1324 Quote

Just unlocked the first creator rank and every time I click the create exercise button it chrashes the whole LASR program.

Not sure what to do, Im not really a "computer guy". Any help is appriceated.

5 years ago
#1326 Quote

If you can send your errors.log file to use at, we might be able to figure out what is happening. It can be found in your Documents/LASR folder

Keep in mind that the exercise creation tool is still beta (originally, regular users weren't even going to get access to it)

You can also contact us for a screenshare and we can take a look and grab the error file. Please use the contact link above.

5 years ago
#1360 Quote

I am trying to create an exercise and it keeps crashing lasr.  Tell me where to find my log so I can send it to you.  Love the program.



5 years ago
#1361 Quote

~/documents/LASR folder

5 years ago
#1366 Quote

Here are my error code when trying to creat an exercise.

- 12/20/2016 8:14:17 PM -----------
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Smith.WPF.HtmlEditor.HtmlEditor.OnTimerTick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
   at System.Windows.Threading.DispatcherTimer.FireTick(Object unused)
   at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
   at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)



5 years ago
#1381 Quote

Apologies for the delay on getting back to you on this. To be honest, we kinda dropped the ball over the holidays on this issue.

I grabbed those error logs while on your computer and sent them to the senior developer. He'll be taking a look at it.

He also suggested setting internet explorer settings back to default, as there may be something odd that is interfering with the HTML editors in the exercise creation tool:

5 years ago
#1404 Quote

LASR 4.1.2 was released today, which includes a fix for the crashes experienced when starting Exercise Creator tool for some users. Please update LASR and give it a try!